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CTF: Cyber Threat & Future Bulletin

ZeroDayLab Cyber Threat & Future Bulletin 

ZeroDayLab's monthly CTF Bulletin focuses on the threat landscape, the future for cyber security and business at large. Each month we will bring you commentary by ZeroDayLab Consultants on the latest threats and industry topics. We will also share content from ZeroDayLab and across the web.

Regular content includes:

  • Reviews on the latest threats and industry topics from ZeroDayLab Consultants.
  • Collated stories and blogs on the latest hacks and threats.
  • Articles, analysis and thought on the development of cyber security.
  • Events and webinars of interest from both ZeroDayLab and in the wider security world.
  • Infographics.
  • Research and Whitepapers.

About ZeroDayLab

ZeroDayLab is an international information security consultancy.  As a CREST accredited organisation we are Passionate About Total Security Management.  We provide our clients with an holistic approach to their IT security posture through a comprehensive suite of consulting services.  

We are proud to work with leading organisations around the globe  delivering Ethical Hacking, Education & Training, Governance Risk & Compliance and Managed Services including Incident Response. We have vast experience in a wide range of vertical markets which include (among others) Transport & Logistics, Defence, Retail & E-commerce, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance.

London - Manchester - Brighton & Hove - Amsterdam - Dublin - Wilmington, USA - Bangalore

 The latest news, events and thought leadership 

in the security world.

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