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Internet of Things:  

A Genuine Threat to Business, or More Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt?

About The Webinar

Join ZeroDayLab on a journey of discovery into all “things” internet-enabled, where our Head of Cyber Security Strategy Stuart Peck, will demystify the hype and provide practical advice on how to deal with the real threats to business from the Internet of Things (IoT).

You'll Learn

The 45 minute webinar will cover the following:

The unavoidable growth of the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT- the threat landscape, and is my internet enabled toaster really a threat vector?

Common attack vectors and the rise of IoT botnets, including:

  • Bring Your Own (IoT), Device

  • Example Vulnerabilities in Smart Devices- TV’s, Lightbulbs, Industrial Dishwashers etc.

  • Malware, and the much hyped Mirai botnet

  • Trends and predictions

IoT in the workplace, what’s the worst that could happen?

What can businesses do to limit the risk of IoT?

Summary, demystifying the hype.


From a background of threat intelligence, social engineering and incident response, Stuart Pecks heads up Cyber Security Strategy for ZeroDayLab.  Stuart regularly delivers threat briefings to FTSE-level executives and directors throughout the UK and Europe. Passionate about educating organisations on the latest attacker trends facing business today and how to combat them, Stuart's key areas of expertise include: the dark web, social engineering, malware and ransomware analysis & trends, threat hunting, OSINT, HUMINT and attacker recon techniques. 

Your Speaker - Stuart Peck

Head of Cyber Security Strategy, ZeroDayLab

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Date: Wednesday, 14th June 2017
Time:  3pm London/Dublin, 4pm Europe

              10am US (EST)

Duration: 1 Hour

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About ZeroDayLab

ZeroDayLab is an international information security consultancy.  As a CREST accredited organisation we are Passionate About Total Security Management.  We provide our clients with an holistic approach to their IT security posture through a comprehensive suite of consulting services.  

We are proud to work with leading organisations around the globe  delivering Ethical Hacking, Education & Training, Governance Risk & Compliance and Managed Services including Incident Response. We have vast experience in a wide range of vertical markets which include (among others) Transport & Logistics, Defence, Retail & E-commerce, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance.

14th  June - 3pm






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