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How Good Governance Can Help You Reap Benefits in Security as well as Compliance

About this Webinar

Join us on September 13, where we'll consider whether a firm governance regime is a necessary evil or a mode of operation that can reap broad benefits for your organization - making it more agile and resilient.  

We'll explore ways in which the effort to comply with regulatory requirements such as  Title 23, NIST, ISO27001 and EU-GDPR can both reduce your organization's risk exposure and actually improve your operational effectiveness. 

This wide-ranging webinar will discuss such matters as:

  • The most critical requirements of the new governance frameworks of Title 23 and EU-GDPR, from breach notification to multi-factor authentication and data identification to third party assessments and annual testing schedules.
  • Governance frameworks and how they can help you identify the holes in both your processes and your security.
  • How a governance-led approach improves business continuity and enables faster, more efficient responses to incidents.
  • How moving away from manual processes can improve and speed up risk identification and supplier audits.
  • How to ensure strict breach reporting deadlines are met.

Your Speaker

Joe Donohue, Senior GRC Consultant, ZeroDayLab LLC

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Date: Wednesday, September 13 2017
Time: 1pm (EST), 10am (PST)

Duration: 1 Hour

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About ZeroDayLab

ZeroDayLab is an international information security consultancy.  As a CREST accredited organization we are Passionate About Total Security Management.  We provide our clients with an holistic approach to their IT security posture through a comprehensive suite of consulting services.  

We are proud to work with leading organizations around the globe  delivering Ethical Hacking, Education & Training, Governance Risk & Compliance and Managed Services . We have vast experience in a wide range of vertical markets which include (among others) Transport & Logistics, Defense, Retail & E-commerce, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance.

September 13, 2017

1pm  (EST), 10am (PST)

Wilmington, USA - London - Manchester - Brighton & Hove - Amsterdam - Dublin - Bangalore

Joe Donohue (CISA) entered the field of IT Risk Management as a driver of Y2K remediation for New York Times remote sites. He went on to build Grey Group’s Sarbanes-Oxley compliance program and manage that program for the agency’s North and South American units. Originally a technical writer, Joe explains highly technical concepts in concise, accessible language, enabling him to quickly convey to business leaders the scope and nature of the threats their IT estate contends with on a day-to-day basis.

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